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Monday, 28 April 2014

Beautiful By Design

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is Beautiful." - Unknown

Having previously written about the reason for the Colour choice of branding for the company, I thought it would be enlightening to elaborate on the company slogan which is 'Beautiful By Design'. 

When paging through a fashion magazine we are faced with a certain image which has become the criteria for what is portrayed as being a beautiful and successful woman. These are images of models with perfect proportions, long legs, skinny and beautiful, leaving other women to battle daily with their self image and inability to see themselves as beautiful. What we don't realize at that moment while paging through the magazine is that much effort, work, resources and in many instances photo techniques have been employed in order to create the specific image. The model on the other hand also goes to great lengths to keep her body in perfect shape which in some cases includes strenuous exercise regimes and extreme discipline in eating habits sometimes leading to eating disorders. Women and teenage girls are going to great extremes trying to replicate this image or standard that has been set for us and have difficulty accepting that they may not be attainable. I am all for having a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eating a well balanced diet but it becomes a concern when the desire to achieve these standards as a goal affects your life in a negative manner and in particular your sense of self worth, self acceptance and your ability to see yourself as beautiful.

Each one of us have been created unique and beautiful. When I say each one of us have been uniquely created I mean that not one of us have the same, physical features, genetic DNA or fingerprints, even identical twins have unique features that set them apart. So why do we want to look like everyone else? 

"I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect, they are much more interesting." - Marc Jacobs

I chose the slogan Beautiful By Design for two reasons:
Firstly, each one of us have already been created beautifully inside and out regardless of what we or the world may see as physical flaws. We have been designed in a specific form, shape and look by our Creator to accommodate and hold all that will be required of us in our lifetime. Our physical features as well as our internal attributes such as our unique talents, skills, and personality have been created uniquely different from everyone else. It is my hope that you see yourself as unique and beautiful.

Secondly, my job is to help you bring out your inner and outer beauty by applying my specific skill for fashion as well as learned knowledge and theory in my studies of psychology, image consulting and life coaching. It is my passion and talent to empower women to look their very best and to help them identify their unique gifts and talents enabling them to live a beautiful and fulfilling life. In other words, my job is to make you look beautiful, by design, inside and out.

Each one of us have been created beautiful, we just need to see it. How do we see ourselves as beautiful when our proportions, size, body shape, height and features are different to those we see portrayed as the criteria to be qualified as beautiful?
By accepting that we have been made beautiful just the way we are and embracing our physical body as beautiful and unique including those features that we or the world see as flaws.

I am always amazed by what one person may see as beautiful and another sees the opposite. There is beauty in everything that God created, including ourselves. Let us open our eyes to see it, embrace it and own it.
Embrace who you are and learn to love yourself unconditionally for you were created Beautiful By Design

"Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy." - Unknown

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Pantone Colour of the Year 2014 - RADIANT ORCHID

Welcome to my first blog post for the year, its already been a hectic start to the year with Valentine's celebrations already here and soon we'll be celebrating Easter! For ideas on what to wear for your Valentine's date check out our facebook page, we've piled on pics of gorgeous, sexy and sophisticated outfits for all styles and age groups. And if you missed the monthly newsletter be sure to sign up on our website to receive our next issue. The current issue focussed on the colour Red, the meaning of it, how to wear it, either to work or on a date and much more.

On contemplating what to write about for my first blog post for the year (I know its rather late but the other social media platforms desperately needed my attention), I came across some interesting information while doing my research on current trends in the industry so decided to write on this particularly nice find. The Pantone colour of the year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, chosen for its rich purple hues, which so happens to be my colour for the NickyB brand. I was quite ecstatic to discover this and called everyone I knew to tell them this info! Now I must admit that it is a strong and bold colour but it is also feminine, mystical and luxurious, which is exactly why I chose this colour to reflect the company brand.

A lot of thought goes into choosing a colour for a company brand as there are various dimensions at play when doing so. The colours we see impacts us on various levels as well as on a psychological and emotional level. Don't be fooled, psychology is hard at work when you need to portray company values, goals and vision through the use of colour. The same goes for what you wear, think about how you feel about yourself when you wear certain colours and why you avoid certain colours at all costs. So coming back to my chosen brand colour let me explain what the meaning of the colour purple is which link directly to my company's vision, goals and purpose.

Purple is the colour of royalty, its rich hues connotes, luxury, wealth, opulence, elegance and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic, creative, expressive and artistic. It signifies living life to the fullest in joy, health and love.

This is what I envisioned when dreaming about my business. To treat each client as royalty, that they leave a consultation feeling like they are opulent, wealthy, elegant, classy and sophisticated.  Don't get me wrong, its not about being materialistically wealthy and opulent but that your experience at NickyB is one that is filled with opulence and wealth in discovering You. That every woman leaves feeling feminine, beautiful and graceful. That each experience at NickyB will be filled with rich warmth, expression and creativity. After all, these are all the ingredients needed to live a rich, fulfilled and beautiful life. This is why my mission statement is 'Beautiful by Design", to reveal your inner and outer beauty.

You can read the more about the Pantone colour of the year on and its inspiration in the fashion industry. This rich colour will be in full bloom for the year ahead, from fashion to decor, expect to see it everywhere.

So here's to a beautiful year ahead, celebrating it daily with Radiant Orchid and everything it has for you!