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Friday, 26 July 2013

Image Consulting

5 Reasons Why You Need An Image Consultant

Based on the first impression people will judge you in a matter of 5 seconds, they decide everything about you...

An image consultant will assist you in the 5 following ways:

  • Dressing as per role to create an appropriate clothing communiction; 
  • Incorporation of personal style dressing;
  • Buying clothes in cluster and smart shopping;
  • Appropriate body langauge and etiquette, (body langauge is one of the biggesr factors in visual communiction);
  • Dressing for your body shape, variations and personal colours.
Image consulting is not just about changing your image but has incorporated of life coaching, which also changes your personal perspective

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

We have a vast range of expirience and knowledge to draw from that will help transform your personal brand or your company image into one that will be sought after. The founder holds a post graduate honours degree in psychology, training in the image consulting and life coaching industry, and over 10 years work expirience in the corporate field.