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Friday, 13 September 2013


The weekend is here and it's time to let our hair down and relax. For all of you who are going out lets paint the town red, and for those who are not lets just dress up for the fun of it and say its because we can. Here are a few trends to look at when going out.
Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Now that it is spring time here are 5 essentials for this spring:
11.)    Instead of wearing a plain black, gray and navy dress, why not try wearing a floral print sheath dress. For the office wear a knee length sheath dress but you may go a little bit shorter for a night out if you prefer.

22.)    Give your peep toe pumps a break and bring out your strappy ankle sandals. Strappy ankle sandals give your lower body a personality, make sure that your toes are well manicured and polished.

33.)    Bring out some lace detail, this is very tricky to pull off without looking tacky or like you’re in your underwear. Pick and outfit that has lace sleeves or laced back. This adds a wonderful polish feel to your outfit.
.)4.)    Striped shirts are all over the run way this season, pair strips with a solid color to focus on the statement piece which is your shirt. To create a professional yet trendy look pair it with a blazer.
55.)    Add a pop of spring with boldly-colored accessories. Whether it’s cobalt blue studs, a yellow cuff, or a pink ring, jewelry is the perfect way to showcase your bright personality without making it the center of your wardrobe. If wearing a bold statement piece keep the rest of the outfit simple to make sure the outfit looks elegant and not overly busy.

Monday, 9 September 2013



Green: Darker greens can connote power, class and strength. Brighter shades of greens tell people you're sporty, more casual and often cheerful.

PINK: Pink is not just for women anymore. Men who wear pale pink or salmon accents which tell the world they're confident, daring and independent enough to wear a color usually considered a woman’s color. Women can use it to soften a strong, dark-colored suit which makes them look more approachable. Bright, bubblegum pink or fuchsia from head to toe is just plain annoying and hurts people's eyes.
PURPLE: Dark purple says elegance, authority, class and a regal demeanor. Men can get away with a deep burgundy jacket to give a refined yet highly stylish impression. Women can appear strong, powerful and confident in a deep purple jacket, suit or blouse. A deep purple dressy T-shirt or button down in a very casual work environment says "I'm confident and efficient, yet not stuffy." 
YELLOW: Yellow tells people you're casual, playful, and not afraid to take risks. Seeing yellow can cheer people up, so you're perceived as having a sunny personality just for wearing it. But be careful with mustard, which can make people of almost all complexions look otherwise unhealthy.

 BROWN:You have to be careful with brown. It is considered the new black, but ensure your brown clothes are fitted properly or else it can make you look like a potato. When your brown clothing has the right cut it can accompany many different colors. It's a great substitute for black without the look of being in mourning.  

BLACK: Immediately says elegance, sophistication, intelligence and strength. Black can be overwhelming if you’re in black from head to toe which could make you look self absorbed.

RED:  Red is powerful and strong. It shows you're not afraid to stand out, and it gets attention, which can be used to make a bold statement. Use red when wearing as a power suit and break the red with a black camisole under the jacket. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Corporate Branding

// Corporate Branding

What mental image comes to mind when people think of your company?

What mental image comes to mind when people think of your company’s employees? 

Is it consistent with the image of your company brand?
Imaging is the visual representation of an objects outward appearance.

Corporate imaging is the formation of a company image through the 
visual appearance and conduct of its staff. 

It is made up of a composite of psychological factors and visual appearance. 
Through specific programmes, we create your corporate image that will 

cause you to stand out and be recognised not only through your brand also through 
your staff compliment. 

The following programmes are available:
New Employee OrientationCorporate Image ConsultationsNew Company Imaging
Change Management

// New Employee Orientation

As a ambassador of your company it is imperative that your image 
reflects your company’s brand And values. 
This programme assists new employees to understand and implement 
the values, philosophy, culture, etiquette, aims, brand and image 
of the company. When understanding the company image and brand the 
employee is better equipped to apply this in their image and work ethic; 
enabling them to present themselves in a professional manner  which is 
consistent with the company image. 
The consultation can be carried out individually or in a group session 
depending on your specific Requirements.

// Corporate Image Consultations

These consultations are available for all employees and will most benefit
those who interact with clients on a regular basis. They are performed 
individually in order to cater for each employee’s unique colour, 
shape, and style requirements. 
It aims to assist employees who understand the company image but finds 

it difficult to portray it in their overall appearance. 

This consultation is tailor made and covers various aspects of image, 
colour, style, and business etiquette. 
It not only increases their confidence levels but also provides an 

incredible boost in their work ethic and performance levels. 
By feeling confident in the way you look you create an overall 
positive dynamic.  
Personal shopping consultations to assist employees with an 

appropriate work wardrobe are available on request.

// New Company Imaging

New companies will be assisted through the process of discovering, 
identifying and implementing their company image consistent with 
their company brand, values and culture. As a new company creating a 
unique corporate image is essential in establishing your presence in 
your industry. By finding your unique company image through your workforce presentation 
you will be creating your stand out signature. 
Complete your branding process through this important consultation.

This will be implemented through advising on appropriate employee dress 
codes, conduct and etiquette. 

These consultations will be tailor made as per your company’s requirements.

// Change Management

When company changes are executed at a managerial or structural level 
within your company it can have a negative or a positive effect on 
your workforce, this in turn affects your corporate image in the same 

When the process and effects of change within a company are not 
communicated in a clear, concise and timely manner it can have 
devastating effects on the morale of the employees and intern, 
productivity levels.

This presents various problems such as fear, anxiety, and loss 
of productivity amongst staff. 
By communicating these changes to employees in an open and 
informative manner an atmosphere of trust and goodwill is emphasised 
which is beneficial to all affected by the process.  
We assist companies during the change process to ensure that 

they maintain a good corporate image throughout the process. 
We  focus on easing the process of change for management 
and staff through a combination of coaching tools and psychology theory. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Get Your BACK Up Off the Wall...

//  Today we are looking at another new trend in fashion. We are looking at how designers and clothing makers have developed new ways of making clothes unique & new. Specifically the way they are fashioning the BACKS of dresses, shirts... Whether it be an elegant evening dress or everyday wear.

// Here are a few examples of the style. Updating your wardrobe to accommodate this trend wouldn't be such a bad thing ;)  

This amazing red racer-back dress has an amazing criss-cross detail to complement the wearers arch

Pearls going across the back of this elegant evening dress is a beautiful touch to a vintage inspired dress

A big silk bow accent & chiffon covering is lovely for formal dress wear

Low cut backs are trending majorly this year. In this pretty hot pink lace dress is perfect for a summer night date

A racer-back dress in the form of a runway showstopper with beautiful pearl embroidery

A flannel material which is light and breathable with a slight cut-out. A new way to show off some skin...

A tight evening dress with lace detail with a sheer chiffon back which allows the dress to appear backless...

This play-suit has the back completely cut out but is coupled with a black lace corset. Elegant & classy all at once.

A good example of a bridesmaid dress accented with strings of pearls & a pretty Georgette bow...

A bit Amish inspired in terms of the material but the back is open & styled in a playful  way...

The epitome of glamour. Encrusted with jewels the back of this one in a million dress will get you noticed...

Open-back day-wear. Red & White Stripes sailor inspired day-wear.

Vintage Chantilly lace back with buttons going down the middle of the back adds a certain eloquent Western feel to the dress...

Bondage/ Body-con dress with 3 open bars to reveal some skin but still keep some element of mystery...

An idea for a bridesmaid dress, lace sleeves and a tasteful open back...

Alexander McQueen inspired buttons all the way down the back of this dress with Tulle lace mesh. A unique piece...

Sheer tulle with an embroidered skull gives this dress a hint of uniqueness...

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pretty Poppy...

// Something light & fun in todays post... Today we are just looking @ the reoccurring fashion trend designers & clothes manufacturers are playing with: We are looking @ a play on lengths as well as light fabrics like Chiffon & Georgette. Style comes easy to those who do their research ;D

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

AnnaSophia Robb

"I think I was made to live in New York. I love it." - AnnaSophia Robb

// AnnaSophia Robb is definitely someone to watch in terms of fashion as she takes the reigns from Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the new prequel The Carrie Diaries and she is definitely doing a good job so far. Sarah Jessica Parker, also known as Carrie Bradshaw, was infamous for her effortless style and elegance & grace and AnnaSophia Robb is proving that she is more than qualified to step up. Definitely a Style icon to watch out for in 2013...