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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


I always ask my clients the question, do you like your body? Whether I am doing a colour or style analysis, a personal shopping consultation or any image related consultation, I always follow up this question with these 2 questions as it will give me a good starting point to work from.
What is the feature you like most about your body?
What is the feature you dislike the most about your body?

These questions may seem shallow at first as it relates entirely to your physical make-up and appearance but the truth is that if you don't like your body you won't like yourself. This in turn has its own set of psychological issues like low self confidence, low self esteem low self worth, self criticism, and a whole range of negative thoughts and emotions which negatively impact every area of your life. Then you realize that it's not shallow after all but brings to light an underlying emotional and psychological state of being. These negative self feelings and negative self perception often translates directly to your physical outward appearance through your dress, body language and communication skills. For e.g. you may purchase clothing that are neutral in colour and doesn't attract attention to yourself because you don't feel confident on the inside so you try to hide on the outside. Many of us have experienced days like that and others feel like they live in a state of wanting to hide, but sometimes your attempt to detract attention away from yourself often causes the opposite effect as you draw attention to yourself simply because the outfit does not compliment who you are. So how can women regain their confidence, self worth and self-esteem? By evaluating these 2 questions.

What is the feature you like most about your body? 

Enhancing your best feature will attract focus to the area of your body that you like and are comfortable  with. Because you are comfortable with that area yourself you won't mind others looking at it. Secondly, by enhancing this area to flatter your overall appearance your confidence levels will increase dramatically (and so too will the the compliments increase).  

What is the feature you dislike most about your body? 

Hiding or camouflaging the area you dislike the most will put you at ease as it is not being exposed for all to see, like exposing an open wound. Having this area covered will take your focus off of it and help you feel comfortable with exposing the area you like best.

Most women are more comfortable answering the question about which part of their body they dislike most and often have a list of areas they dislike. Answering which is their best feature normally takes a while, it's almost like doing a self searching exercise. I must admit though that I was pleasantly surprised when I presented an Image workshop recently and asked the audience for a show of hands as to whether they liked their bodies. All the delegates except 2 of the approx 200 women  admitted to being perfectly happy with their bodies. That does not happen often as normally all the women in the room are unhappy with some part of their body.

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Once we understand that we are all created beautiful and unique in our own way we will feel less pressurized to conform and look a certain way. We are not all meant to be models or look like models, beauty comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, colours, heights. Let's embrace who we are, embrace how we look and celebrate being one of a kind!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The 6 most important areas for creating a fabulous image

Your personal image says a lot about you. It not only dictates the perception that people make about you but it also dictates how people will treat you. How you portray yourself through your physical appearance impacts every area of your life so its important to know how others see you based on your personal image. Knowing what the most important factors are that contribute to your personal appearance will help you in putting together an image that reflects you in the best possible manner. Here's the most important things to focus on when creating your image.

1. Wearing the right colours

Colour is subjective so its important to be aware of how different shades and types of colour work with your individual palette. Most people can wear most colours but the differentiating factor is the shade of the colour and how it looks on you. Wearing the wrong colour or shade will leave you looking ill, sallow, tired, withdrawn and will enhance any wrinkles, dark shadows or any unflattering areas we would normally try to camouflage. While women prefer to choose colour based on emotion we need to rather look at how the colour reflects on us before choosing a colour.

2. Wearing the right shapes for your body

Understanding you body shape is important when buying clothing. Most women tend to purchase items because it looks good on a model in a magazine or it looks good in the store on the hanger and rarely consider if it will work for their body shape. Wearing clothing that is oversized or bulging because it is too tight only adds extra weight to your shape. Well fitting clothes should skim over your body, enhance your flattering features and hide your problem areas.

3. Reflecting your personality

While it is important to keep your look updated and modern its also important that you keep your own sense of style. Updating your wardrobe to have every latest fashion item does not necessarily reflect who you are. Let the fashion trends work for you by adopting it to suit your individual personality and style. Following trends slavishly does not reflect your individual traits.

4. Makeup

Applying make-up is essentially the same as applying colour to your face. The same principles for choosing colour for your clothing applies to choosing make-up products. Your foundation, blusher, concealer, eye shadow, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner, and lip colour should compliment your individual colour palette not detract from it. A good rule of thumb is to apply make-up lightly and enhance the areas you want to focus on, you want it to reflect your natural beauty.

5. Occassion

Dressing to fit the occasion is very important. The biggest fear that people have is arriving under-dressed or over-dressed at an event and having everyone else stare at you because of your choice of attire. Personally I would rather show up over-dressed than under-dressed, it basically says that you put a bit more effort into getting ready for the event rather than less effort. If you are not sure as to which dress code is appropriate you could ask around or even google it. Your best bet is to ask your host what the dress code is for the event, that way there'll be less confusion as to what to wear.

6. Body language

This aspect is often overlooked but may very well be one of the most strongest indicators that other use for making judgements about you. Your body language is a subconscious form of communication, you may not be aware of your subtle non-verbal communication methods but they speak volumes. Confidence or a lack of confidence is one of the most visible things people see about you. How you carry yourself, walk, interact and your display of facial expressions all contribute. A smile however works wonders regardless of the situation you are in as well as being comfortable with yourself. Just these 2 aspects will portray a self-confident image, try it when you are in an uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation, you'll be amazed at what it does for you.

We offer consultations to assist in all areas discussed. We now offer online consultations as well. Contact us for a consultation!

Article published by Nicky van Wyk, copyright NickyB Consulting.